Vintage Village

The Barn
A variety of farm animals can be seen when visiting the barn.

Blacksmith Shop

Watch as the blacksmith forges raw iron into various decorative and useful items.

Carpenter Shop
View the antique tools and techniques that skilled craftsmen used to build furniture and buildings from timber.

Civil War Encampment

During our summer show, the 19th Ohio Artillery volunteers set up camp and sleep in canvas tent quarters, to share their knowledge and inform the public about the Civil War.

Gas Station
Built in 1980, "Portersville Last Chance Gas", features original decor that replicates a fully functional service station from the 1920s to 1940s era.

Ice Cream Stand
Everyone loves ice cream, especially homemade, and that's exactly what you get. We make our ice cream the old-fashioned way, but instead of churning by hand, antique tractors do the work.

1800's Log Home
This rustic cabin represents a typical living structure of the time.

Machine Shop
Notice the precision in which the operator uses the saws, drills, lathes and milling machines to make or modify metal parts to set specifications.

Print Shop
Stop in for a hands on demonstration of letter press operation.


The cars are pulled by a P.N.W. switcher built by Harold Bupp.

Saw Mill
Powered by a steam engine or tractor, the belt driven saw blade quickly turns logs into boards.

Trading Post
Browse around an original log cabin that was reconstructed on the grounds in 1985.